Spring 1986

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  1. Is it just me, or do all those young men appear to be standing awfully close to one another. And they all seem enormously happy about it, especially the fellow in the middle. The young man on the far right appears to be quite happy with himself. Was this an all-boys school, perhaps?

  2. Thinking like a criminal defense lawyer defending human beings, I wonder if jurors can relate to what it was like to be young like this, when I representing some young guy or gal, I make the argument try, try, try to remember what it was like when you were young, didn’t we all make mistakes? Is it really fair to judge a young person the same way you would judge a more mature person? If I showed you a picture of yourself acting out in your youth, wouldn’t it reflect the humanness of us all. I kind of think some judges and police officers would have some interesting younger pictures — and memories.
    People do forget. Thanks.
    Yours in Defense of Fellow Human Beings,
    Glen R. Graham, Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer

  3. No, this was not an all-boys school. It was a great time to be 15 / 16 / 17.

    If I recall my timeline correctly, later in the evening memorialized in this photo the young man in the middle will wreck the car of a regular reader of Defending People. The guy on the right will drive his dad’s car off an overpass, rendering the forward gears inoperative.

    I can’t swear that mind-altering substances were involved in any of these events. But I wouldn’t be surprised.

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