In Trial

I’d much rather be in trial than waiting to go to trial — a good day in trial is better than just about anything else you’d care to name. This is my sixth jury trial in twelve months. It’s an aggravated assault charge — CW got glass in his eye, needs money, blames D. In the 179th District Court, the Honorable Lee Duggan presiding. If you’re in the neighborhood, drop in and say hello. We should be arguing it early Thursday afternoon.


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  1. Guilty, thank you for asking.

    3 years probated. Not my biggest loss ever, but the end of a 5-trial streak of what could fairly be called “wins”.

    Note to potential clients: If you want a criminal defense lawyer who never loses a trial, you’ll have to hire a lawyer who never tries a case. Either that or Gerry Spence.

  2. Gary cherry picked his trial clients, anyone can win a trial that way. My condolences on the end of the streak. Our losses are often more important than our wins as anyone can try a slam dunk case.

  3. withheld, I don’t think that’s an entirely fair criticism of Gerry. Yes, he was very selective in trying criminal cases, but it doesn’t seem to me that he picked the criminal cases that most lawyers would see as slam dunks.

    That said, it’s fair to say that a lawyer who never loses a trial isn’t pushing the envelope enough.

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