Probation vs. Prison

Probation / Prison

Productive member of society / Drain on society

Restitution / No restitution

Supervision of court / School for crime

2y probation + 2y prison = 4y in system / 2y prison = 2y

Conditions of probation / Robbers, rapists, murderers

For people who can live in society / For people who cannot live in society

Alcohol evaluation and treatment / Warehouse for human beings

One-shot deal / Likely to reoffend

Second chance / Last resort

Can always go to –> / <– Can never go to

Rehabilitation / Retribution

Redemption / Damnation

Mercy / Cruelty

Love / Fear

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  1. And how did you know I was going to sit down and write two presentence memorandums today and tonight. And I have the added innocent 10 year old daughter who needs mom. Why should daughter be punished and traumatized? And probation is also punishment. Anna

  2. The federal guidelines basically wrote probation out of existence except for the most minor of crimes. I have two first offenders who are facing 3 and 5 years for non violent crimes unless I can convince federal judges they shouldn’t go to jail. I had a first offender woman at the bottom of the culpability list get 30 months because she went to trial. The two originators who pocketed big bucks got 17(with a prior record) and 18 months because they pleaded guilty. It is not a just system.

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