Need Help

I got this message from Lunarpages:

Hello Mark,

I’ve checked your account usage and your cpu usage still seems to be higher

The current usage statistics is quoted below for your reference.

fightt2 1.79 0.04 0.1

Top Process %CPU 92.0 [php]

Top Process %CPU 23.0 /usr/bin/php /home/. . ./public_html/bennettandbennett/blog/index.php

Note that the acceptable usage range for shared plans is 1.0%
average %CPU or less, 1.0% average %Memory or less 0.2% average %Mysql
and Top Processes below 20%. Please check the script currently using
higher resources and let us know when necessary changes are made to
bring it down.

Regarding the email forwarding, please try removing the existing forwarders and re-adding it.

Please do let us know if you’ve any further questions.

Traffic is no higher than usual.

Can any Defending People reader suggest a hacker-for-hire who might be able to help me resolve this?

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  1. Hmm… A simple blog in a robust platform like WordPress should be pretty efficient, so my guess is that one of the plugins is the culprit. Have you tried disabling/removing them? How are your usage stats? Any recent increases?

    I’m iffy with WordPress and a little better with PHP but I’d be willing to take a peek no charge. Just send me the info.

  2. Probably those Homeland Security people messing with you because you are so dangerous. I will check with one of my employment clients who is a computer type for you. Anna

  3. Hmm. Your page loads pretty fast. That makes it sounds like the problem is not slow page rendering in general, but rather that, say, 1 in 1000 requests take a very long time. In that case, people will be seeing it happen, when your page doesn’t load. If you could find out who they are and how they differ from ordinary requests you might find something…

  4. You’d have to ask your ISP about CPU time logs. I added some profiling code to my blog and decided to try turning on caching. If you can edit your index.php file, I could send you my code.

    Your page seems to be loading pretty fast.

  5. David Dyer-Bennet is who I’d ask. My strong guess is that somebody with sufficient geek points and shell access could figure it out quickly. (I was able to when I had a similar problem.)

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