Another Opportunity to Vote for Grits or Simple Justice

Scott Greenfield’s Simple Justice has been named one of the top legal blogs in America by the ABA Journal. The ABA Journal is conducting a vote for the best blog in each of nine categories; Simple Justice’s category, Crime, has four other blogs.

Scott Henson’s Grits for Breakfast is also named.

Please take a moment to go to the voting page and show your appreciation to Scott or Scott by casting a vote for one of their blogs.


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  1. There isn’t a chance in the world you’re getting away this easy. Notice that Mr. Bennett has neglected to mention that Defending People has also been named to the ABA 100, and you can vote for Mark at the link above from every computer you have.

  2. So how come Doug isn’t in with the other lawprofs. Do they not like him? Did they throw him out? Is he no longer allowed to wear tweed jackets and smoke a pipe? And how did crimlaw get him? We didn’t get Orin Kerr, so why Doug Berman?

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