Another Great Thing About Being a Criminal Defense Lawyer

I am not subject to political hatchet jobs. (Watch the video. Then read Houston soon-to-be criminal-defense lawyer Murray Newman’s (F/K/A “AHCL”) posts on the firings here and here.)

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  1. I’m more troubled by those that haven’t been fired than I am at those who have been. There are alot more heads that should roll that have not, as yet, been severed. I hope that this is because the incoming DA doesn’t want to demoralize the office all at once, or be left without any staff at all.

  2. Ah, to name one or two would be unfair to the many who are just as bad but whose names I do not know.

    I do more appellate than trial work, and I’m not into the courthouse regular crowd. So many of the unethical ADA’s I’ve met remain nameless to me. For instance, Murray claims to know me, but I cannot recall ever meeting him.

    Most of “special” crimes could probably go away without hurting the office at all (I’ve always thought of “special” crimes as a euphemism anyhoo.) FCLD could use a housecleaning.

    What is needed is a change of culture. If you see a prosecutor stuck in his or her ways, they need to leave.

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