Vote for Simple Justice

C’mon people, this is a travesty.

Scott Greenfield’s outstanding Simple Justice blog is 38 votes out of the lead in the ABA Journal’s balloting for top criminal law blog. Go read Simple Justice. It is hands-down the best criminal blog in the practical blawgosphere.

I know that Scott has been encouraging his many readers to vote for another criminal practice blog. Pay no attention. I’m personally very fond of that other blog, but Scott manages to decimate everybody else not only in terms quantity (he gets up before the sun and writes several blog posts every day before work) but also in terms of quality.

Go. Vote for Simple Justice. If you’ve voted already for someone else, change your vote. Vote from your desktop, your laptop, your handheld. Use an IP forwarder, and vote several more times. Then borrow a friend’s computer and vote again.

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  1. I am not from America, but I told everyone in my village to vote for Defending People, because it is good to defending people but not so good to simple justice.

  2. I’m going to vote right now. You’re right, Scott has a great blog.

    BTW, your blog isn’t too bad. Sometime you tie me in philosophical knots.

  3. Hate to disagree with you, Mark, but I haven’t read Scott’s blog since he called me offensive, pedantic, and arrogant in connection with his re-imagining of the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress back in two. Plenty of fine blogs to read in Texas, including Jamie’s, te other Scott’s, Murray’s, — and yours.

  4. Scott “Grits for Breakfast” Henson.

    Rats ,,, I was hoping you’d delete my first post, instead of the second (where I corrected all the typos).

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