A Heck of a ($618,000 ) Job

The city of Minneapolis will be paying at least $618,000 in a settlement to the family whose house was shot up by a city SWAT team last December.

The officers who participated in the botched raid, you’ll recall, got medals.

(H/T Joel Rosenberg.)


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  1. “Vang thought the SWAT team members were criminal intruders and shot through his bedroom door to protect his wife and six children, ages 3 to 15. Three officers were hit, but were not injured because they were wearing protective gear. The family also escaped injury even though police fired at least 22 rounds.”

    I don’t know about a medal, but someone should give Vang Khang a merit badge for accuracy.

  2. He was shooting the a closed door, with a shotgun; the attackers were trying to break in through the door. (Whether or not they were already spraying-and-praying while tripping over little Hmong children and slowly, gradually, eventually coming to realize that perhaps they wouldn’t be stumbling over small Hmong children if they were really invading a Rolling 60’s Crip’s home, deponent knoweth not, but haveth some unflattering guesses.)

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