Criminal Defense Chat with Scott Greenfield

Here is an interview with Scott Greenfield that I recorded a couple of months ago. CharonQC’s interview of Brian Tannebaum inspired me to try to put it on line.

Let’s see if it works, shall we?


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  1. Unsurprisingly, it was interesting. Clarified one orthogonal thing for me that I should have worked out earlier — why Federal prosecutors are so uninterested in going after felons attempting to purchase handguns who get caught on a Brady check — as well as adding a bit more insight to other issues both of you have written on before.

    The other thing that was fascinating was Scott’s wistfulness for the days of the previous generation of drug criminals. I’ve listened to some people who were around then (in a different trade) who apparently had the same sort of wistfulness, during those days, for the heyday of the Outfit (which was before their time; people are often even more nostalgic for an era they missed as they are for one when they were around), when Anastasia, for example, got whacked at least in part, so the story (which may, for all I know, have some truth in it) because he was too eager to solve problems by whacking folks.

  2. Um, this is identified as a weekly podcast. I feel I have been misled. That or I haven’t been paying much attention.

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