Rescheduled From This Thursday

In yet another attempt at morale-building, Pat Lykos is ordering every Harris County assistant district attorney to attend her swearing-in ceremony on January 1, 2009.

January 1, 2009 is a county holiday.

Does anyone remember the boxing video game from the ’80s? You’d hit your opponent, and the machine would say “body blow! body blow!” and then once you’d softened him up enough you swung for his jaw and the machine would announce, “Knockout!”?

I feel like I’m watching Pat Lykos working the controls while the image of Jim Leitner on the screen roughs up the other fighter, “Office Morale.”

Go, Pat, go!

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  1. Gonna show a little ignorance here, but do the assistant district attorneys not have to swear an oath at the same time as their boss?

    • At some point before appearing on behalf of the state, the ADAs have to be sworn in as well. Historically, it’s been a fairly flexible procedure. Never, as far as I know, has attendance at the formal swearing-in, dressed in court clothes, on a national holiday, been mandatory.

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