The Gruff Marshmallow and the Pledgin’ Judge

Former Harris County Assistant District Attorney The Gruff Marshmallow has joined the Nearby County District Attorney’s Office and been assigned to this court.

How many of you saw the series finale of The Shield?

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  1. (From your links…) Bradshaw-Hull used to do the same thing as far as the US and Texas pledges. I would stand there with my hands in my pockets. My favorite part was when other lawyers would look around, see my hands in my pockets, and go wide-eyed or even make motions with their heads that I should get my hands out of my pockets.

    The sad thing was that you could tell it wasn’t because they thought I wasn’t being patriotic, it was because they didn’t want the judge to yell at me.

  2. Imagine Judge Bradshaw-Hull requiring everyone in the courtroom to pledge loyalty to one of the parties in a civil case!

    RJ, I see that you’ve been blogging like crazy. I’ve added you to my blogroll. I commend your blog to my other readers as well: other readers, go take a look at Rage Judicata.

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