Entitled Asshat of the Day

From Above the Law:

A promising Harvard Law School standout told cops during a bizarre
drunken tirade that he would “lie and cheat” to ruin them if — as a
future attorney — he ever calls them to a witness stand, police said.

The 3L, an unpaid intern for prosecutors in Dorchester County District courts, also “badged” the cops:

“Give me a fucking* ride, I work for the district attorney’s office.”

Four more months, and he could be a real prosecutor. Awesome.

*Every account I’ve read says “(expletive)”. I don’t do “(expletive)”, so I’m guessing here.

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  1. Tickled as I am to see my humble backwater and hub of the universe receive mention in this prestigious blawg, I should point out that Dorchester is a neighborhood of the city of Boston, which is in Suffolk County. It was its own city a long time ago, but probably never had a county to its name.

    The clown college up the river from the Institute at which I type this is well-known for this distinctive style of comedy.

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