Steenking Batches

Should I add these permanently to the blog somewhere?:

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  1. Why not? I can’t promise not to market, so I skipped the first one, but I have already added the second one to mine.

    In your case, at least you earned it 🙂

  2. Mark, your No-Marketing Zone badge is being served off of Gideon’s server. He’s asked people not to do that.

    On the other hand, as an experiment, I’m willing to let people link to them on my server (actually, on my account at Amazon’s low-latency Cloudfront content distribution network) for free, and even provide the HTML for doing so, provided they link the image back to the post on my blog where I provide the images and the HTML.

    Find it all at

    Yes, I’m using the no-marketing badge to market my blog. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to take advantage of it. However, I recommend you visit the link above anyway and right-click and download my version of the badges for use on your blog. It’s 1/8 the size of the one you’re using, which saves bandwidth and loads faster.

    I’ve also got Gideon’s badge that’s customized for public defenders (“Haven’t you paid enough for your crimes already?”). Both badges were originally designed by Heather Brandon at urban compass.

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