Here Comes the Judge

Ex-Judge Hanger, who went from being a “fuck-the-accused” judge in December to calling herself a criminal-defense lawyer in January, is, along with her partner (also a former judge, but one with a repuation for fairness) “currently developing a new Web site with Findlaw.”

The placeholder page says, “work with a lawyer who will aggressively protect your rights and fight to secure a positive resolution for you” (this must refer to Ms. Hanger’s partner). Once the website is up, I’ll be counting other half-truths, as well as uses of the word “aggressive.”

A prosecutor is an advocate; a former prosecutor who spent his prosecutorial career screwing the accused has that fact to fall back on in justification. A judge is not an advocate; a former judge who spent her judicial career as another prosecutor in a black robe needs a change of heart before she is ready to defend the accused.

(In related news, Ms. Hanger’s partner has reportedly refused to join HCCLA because I haven’t played nice with Ms. Hanger.)

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  1. Is this the judge who ordered the DWI defendant to take a drug test while the jury was out in her guilt/innocence trial, and didn’t rescind her order — after the jury returned a “not guilty” verdict?

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