HCCLA Reasonable Doubt March 5, 2009

Here’s last week’s Reasonable Doubt, with Houston criminal-defense lawyers Neal Davis, Todd Dupont, and me. It’s sure to give any true-believer prosecutor hives.

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  1. RE the OR’s: I’ve been told that the OR will not be made available to defense counsel in juvy and sexual assault cases. If true, is this part of the new policy or an ADA picadillo?

      • Probably, then, an ADA picadillo, or an attempt to undermine Lycos’ authority. If the latter, I suspect we’ll see more ADA’s out in the legal job market.

        • There might be some hidden logic in not giving defense counsel a copy of the OR in juvenile cases, but Judge Lykos’s statements about RR’s case suggest that that will definitely not be the rule in sexual assault cases.

  2. Would have to disagree with your support of Alvin Nunnery since we witnessed his lack of professionalism when dealing with my friend’s case. As you are aware, an attorney friend (Lee Magness) was convicted of misapplication of funds in Brock Thomas’ court. It was a rude awakening to say the least of the lack of support received by the indigent on a daily basis. Apparently, it was a “country club” in the 338th and Lee was not invited to be a member. To my knowledge, Nunnery did very little, if any discovery in the case and then got “sick” in the courtroom when the trial was starting. Who other than to come to his rescue, but his wife. Glad Thomas wasn’t re-elected and hopefully justice will prevail in the appeal process.

  3. Mark,

    i think you should send this off to CourtTv!!! You have the makings of your own prime time syndicated show!!! Happy Hunting!!!


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