Reasonable Doubt With Jim Leitner

HCCLA Reasonable Doubt, March 26, 2009. Hosts Todd Dupont and Neal Davis; Guest Harris County First Assistant District Attorney Jim Leitner.

(I haven’t watched it yet; tell me what you think.)

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  1. I am interested in getting the law changed so felons can get jobs from employers and perhaps they should get a tax break to employ those people. I know of a person who is looking every day or weeks faithfully to get employed as a driver since he has the license for 21 months. He is on the edge and wants to take his life. Can I blame him .His charge is assoult 18 years ago. He lost his own little business and is pennyless. I would kill myself to. Every person has a right to work. Her in the states every felon becomes a none citizen. NO JOBs No pride, NO help, loss of selfesteem and our politishens or Leaders don’t care about people as a whole. There are degrees of felons. We are not talking about killers, child -molestors or hard criminals. This man is a very honest intelligent and actually law abiding citizen. Maybe we should get rid of all the people running this system. Shame on the US to treat peole like that. It’s all about money in this country very very cancerous.

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