My Latest Non-Lawyering Project

Jen got me a Kindle for our anniversary. I am highly impressed. I still have a stack of dead-tree books to work through before I can start going crazy buying eBooks, but I’m enjoying reading the International Herald Tribune for world news. Being able to carry a huge amount of text in a format the size of a small magazine has inspired me. So here, for Defending People readers who are:

A. Criminal lawyers;
B. In Texas; and
C. Kindle owners,
(is there anyone in that set but me?)

is the Texas Penal Code (2008-2009 edition) in Kindle format:

(West wants $52 for their hard-copy version, which weighs much more, takes up valuable briefcase space, and doesn’t have nearly as cool a cover.)

I’ll be bringing the Kindle version of the Texas Penal Code online soon, and then some other statutes and rules of interest to Texas criminal trial lawyers.

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  1. Got B and C covered, and I help the A’s in business criminal cases. Is that close enough?

    I recently took a Kindle and a Netbook in my briefcase while traveling in Europe. It was wonderful. No more laptop bags or books to carry!

  2. Does the fee include free updates in the future? The near future? LIke when this legislature adds in a bunch of garbage…

    Also, on a slightly more serious note, please update us after you’ver read a couple of Kindle books. I’m super interested in getting one, but you’re the first guy I know that has one, so I wanna know how good a substitute it is.

  3. Nice. I’m trying to convince the wife to let me purchase a Kindle. I do have one question though, does the picture on your cover depict a woman burning the Texas Penal Code? Maybe the anarchist in me is reading too much into the image.

  4. Just got Kindle for iPhone installed, and the first thing I went for was your Penal Code. Now, I don’t even need a Kindle, just my iPhone and it works pretty well. Should come in quite handy!

  5. any other legal books you’d recommend for the Kindle? I’d buy your Texas book but I practice in GA. Unfortunately the books I’ve checked so far (mostly by Lexis) are not available on the Kindle. What a bummer – I’d love to have the federal & state criminal codes at my fingertips.

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