The Defending People Contest Contest

Jones McClure was kind enough to send me several copies of O’Connor’s Texas Criminal Codes Plus 2008-2009, edited by Mac Secrest, and O’Connor’s Texas Crimes and Consequences, edited by Todd Dupont (of Reasonable Doubt fame) to give away as Defending People schwag.

Mac’s codebook is my briefcase reference of choice: Texas’s Code of Criminal Procedure, Penal Code, Rules of Evidence, Rules of Appellate Procedure, and controlled substances law (as well as some other stuff) in one place with annotations. It doesn’t have the Texas Constitution or the Transportation Code, two other resources that would be helpful day-to-day, but it’s the best I’ve found.

I haven’t used Todd’s book, but it looks handy as well.

So I want to have a contest to give away these books, but I’m not feeling inspired. So suggest a contest in comments; if I use it, I’ll send you a copy of the book of your choice.

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  1. Here’s a contest idea:

    Put together a string of numbers and ask readers to submit the next number in the sequence. First person to email with the correct answer wins.


    467, 479, 487, 491, __________?

    1, 2, 6, 42, 1806, ______?

  2. Correctly predict the next Felony Chief or higher-ranking ADA to depart the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

  3. “Wisdom passed forward is a treasure “: Contest idea: ” Humbly ask all lawyers you know (via whatever means you deem to be the most efficient) the question listed herein below. Compile all the answers and publish them here on your blog for all to read:

    ONLY SINCERE RESPONSES PLEASE: Assume you have a vested interest in another human being who happens to be a newly licensed attorney. Someone you honest care about like you would your own son or daughter. If you could only tell them one legal gem or bit of advice on any aspect of the profession – trial – or otherwise – what would that answer / story be? No offense Todd but Mark but please go ahead and reserve Mac’s piece for me !Bal’shoye spaseeba ??????? ???????.

  4. One more thing Mark; seeing your face so many times on the same page at all different angles reminds me of what a spider’s sight might be like….

  5. Guess the sentence.

    You give the (anonymized) facts of non-famous cases that have been tried or pled in Harris County courts. Readers guess the sentence imposed. Those closest to the right answers get some books. Would double as an opportunity to rail against disproportionate and unequal sentences.

  6. Here are our winners:

    S.A., with “Guess the Sentence.” (This is going to take some work.)

    Luke, with “Devise a Turing Test for the Texas Legislature.”

    Iola T. Nikitschenko, with “One Piece of Advice.”

    Dad, with “A Joke for the Banquet.”

    In addition to Mac’s and Todd’s books, I have a single copy of Mark Puls’s “Samuel Adams: Father of the American Revolution.”

    Thank you all for playing. If you are one of our winners, please drop me an email at [email protected] and let me know which book you want, and how best to get it to you. First winner to claim the Puls book gets it.

    (I’m also going to call on S.A., Luke, Iola, and Dad to judge the contests.)

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