Press Release

From the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association:

The Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, Texas Criminal Defense
Lawyers Association, and Fort Bend County Criminal Defense Lawyers
Association announce that they are beginning an immediate investigation into
whether members of the Harris County District Attorneys Office committed
constitutional violations of the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments, committed the
crime of official oppression, violated the special ethical duties
applicable to prosecutors, and-or violated the mandatory ethical
obligations applicable to all lawyers in making public comments during the
course of a pending capital murder trial that appear to be calculated to
influence the ongoing proceedings in material and detrimental ways that are
unrelated to the issues at the trial, appear to be defamatory with respect
to trial counsel, and serve no legitimate or valid purpose, but
rather only increase the likelihood that the accused is denied a
fair trial.  The remarks and their timing were inappropriate,
improper, and subject to the sternest possible condemnation.

Here’s what the Harris County District Attorney’s Office did wrong this time.

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  1. Wouldn’t you know Mia Magness would be behind this hoax somewhere? Does she not KNOW the law, or does her cheating instinct completely control her???

    Even if everything the DA’s office alleged was true, Vivian would be guilty of NOTHING. Yo, bimbos: Fratta wasn’t IN a correctional facility when Vivian let him go through HIS (as in, belonging to HIM) file. He was in COURT.

    If there’s something he shouldn’t have in jail, BLAME THOSE WHO TOOK HIM TO JAIL. What he had in Court is a completely different question.

    Another unethical ploy by a very unethical prosecutor.

  2. O.M.G.: This is so f _ _ _ ing trivial for the prosecutors to be using in punishment – especially when it’s a damn RE-TRIAL! A horny death row inmate is not relevant to violent acts in the future. The shortest route between two points is a straight line. GET TO MEAT & HEART OF THE MATTER. You know everyone following the case know the disgusting fetishes Fratta has. Move on counsel for the State. You got your guilty quit the trivial overkill!

  3. Trying for the needle with the aid of a Class C misd? Hopefully, the jury will see through this charade.

  4. Mark,

    Didn’t this come out in open court? Didn’t Judge Hill rule that the source of the photos was not admissible? I doubt the whole think is important to the outcome, but it doesn’t appear to me there is any ethical problem. If it was a press release, that is a different issue.

  5. The jury is sequestered. They were polled this morning and none of them heard anything about it.

    It came out during trial, and Brian Rogers was in the courtroom.

      • Donna spoke GENERALLY about the class C misdemeanor of distributing obscene material at a correctional facilty and did not reference the Fratta case at all. Brian wrote the article after interviewing Vivian King and watching the developments in the courtroom. You are off base on this one, Mark.

        • Brian took your quote out of context?

          Though it seems unlike him, I’ll accept it.

          But when you said, “Any violation of the law will be investigated, although no charges are likely to be filed before the conclusion of the trial,” what trial were you referencing?

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