Asshat Lawyer of the Day Kirk Bernard

Washington personal injury lawyer Kirk Bernard.

No editorializing required—Kirk makes it look so easy.

(H/T Kevin O’Keefe via Twitter.)

(More: Kirk Bernard is a Slime Ball.)

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  1. I’m trying to figure out if they are straight-up copying stories from news sources, but it looks as if they are, at least, switching some of the word order around.

  2. Is this an obvious ploy to have the family find this lawyer if they Google themselves?

    If it is, and it works, maybe I should start putting the text of U.S Attorney’s office press releases on my blog. ‘Cause that’d be classy.

  3. […] The Asshat Lawyer of the DayYear awards happened not too long ago… I missed out, but Mark Bennet at Defending People quickly turns back around and explains why that award might be better suited for delivery to the attorney’s marketing super-genius instead of the attorney himself for his dunderheaded megafail of a blog seeking to market his services from the rear end of a chased ambulance… Yes, only ever so tenuously related to police misconduct… ok, not really at all… but it’s a good read. […]

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