Cop Blogs

I’ve added a section to the blogroll for cops’ blogs.

You wouldn’t guess it from reading offense reports, but some of these guys can write.


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  1. I should be a detective…I was able to put it together that you are Mark#1. They’ll probably take the bike away from me if they knew how smart I was, so keep it under your hat, if you don’t mind.

    Thanks for the plug! Between you and the Simple Justice blog, I have seen a ridiculous increase in hits. I thought there was something wrong with analytics for a minute!

    I may not always say something you agree with, but I promise to be honest and as entertaining as possible! Thanks again!

      • Ah, my mistake, then…I just got a comment yesterday from someone I’ve never gotten one from before and his name was Mark. Damn assuming…bike is safe indeed. *whew*.

          • Collision investigation and traffic duties are my bailiwick, but I catch the bad guys, too. I wasn’t built for desk duty…I was just being a smartass ’bout the detective thing.

        • Mark used to say nice things about me too. But he probably thinks I’m too much of a grumpy old dinosaur these days to be worth a mention, except when he thinks I’m wrong about something.

          Ah, these kids. One day, they just forget all about us old folk.

      • My favorites — and there are lots of them — are the pity and horror slice of life stories. Many of those are very well-written, and the underlying subject matter is one of the few important things that there are.

  2. Oilacct—the same thing happened to this Panhandle boy when I was a young kid in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget. I had never seen wasabi before and assumed it was guac. Hilarity, and pain, ensued.

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