Is it Just Me?

Despite the very clear line above the comment box saying, “Leave a (non-anonymous) Reply,” some North Carolina whackjob tried to leave a comment under the name “JustAnotherVictim” an hour ago. Less than half an hour later he tried to leave another comment:

Why remove my post? I just thought it was funny that he stated almost exactly word for word what Jackson said. Nothing negative or insulting about it.

Then, in the following four minutes, he left four more comments:

You my “friend” are a POS

You my “friend” are a POSYou my “friend” are a POSYou my “friend” are a POS

You my “friend” are a POS You my “friend” are a POS You my “friend” are a POS

and then:

You my “friend” are a POS You my “friend” are a POS You my “friend” are a POS You my “friend” are a POS

Not only was I required to approve his comment, but I was also required to so within half an hour of his leaving it.

Is it just me, or do blogs bring out the nutcases?

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  1. It’s that they get angry about not getting their way. It’s entitlement, and then lashing out about it. As if we owe them. At least he didn’t call himself TheOnlyVoiceOfTruthInTheWholeWideWorld, plus as many numbers as needed afterward to distinguish him from all the others.

    The things we put up with in order to maintain a blawg.

  2. I once got a comment on my blog from someone asking me to make a video demonstrating how to put on a swim cap. The post was unrelated to swimming or swim caps.

    So to answer your question, yes.

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