Blog Problems?

One of my readers complains that the front page of Defending People doesn’t show the latest posts. I suspect that the problem is that Greenfield needs to clear the cache on his ZX-81, but let’s humor him. Please go to, and if the first post is from before September 14, 2009, email me a screen shot.

Thank you.

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  1. I swear I was having problems a few days ago (when I “tweeted” about it) accessing the blog’s newest posts on my iPhone, but it either cleared up really quickly or I (was drunk) am a moron. No problems since that first glitch, if indeed it ever even happened to me.

  2. I had problems seeing an up-to-date front page of your blog too. It seems to have cleared up in the last day or two (can’t remember). I think it may have been a problem with the way your blog’s web server tracked updates. Or something like that. Something somewhere was definitely feeding old versions of the page.

  3. I think it has more to do with the user’s ISP cache than the PC cache. I get older views all the time, but it’s not consistent.

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