The Jew With a Gun Next Door

A couple of years ago (!) I wrote about mapping the blogosphere as a metaphorical space, with proximity measured by commonality of interest as represented by mutual links.

Today New York criminal-defense lawyer Scott Greenfield has a nice profile today of one of our virtual neighbors, Minneapolis renaissance man Joel “Jdog” Rosenberg. Not a lawyer, Joel is a well-informed amateur with an excellent sense of fair play and justice.

Joel is a frequent commenter here. He’s also a guy I have called a time or two when I was in serious need of reliably wise and objective advice not tainted by a law degree. He hasn’t steered me wrong.

There’s perennial yammering about blogs being obsolete, or defunct, or summat, but I’m not buying it. I see the connection of that Minnesota scifi writer and this Houston criminal-defense lawyer as a triumph of the medium.

Thanks, Joel; read Scott’s piece, y’all.

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  1. Aieee. Yeah, it has been that long.

    But, sure. Online communities, of all sorts, are entirely real; communities are about connections between people, and communication, whether it’s through compaction and rarefaction of air or datagrams shuffling their way through the routers, is among the closest and most meaningful of connections.

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