I’m Not Sure What to Think About . . .

. . . Houston criminal-defense lawyer Cole Brooks’s new blog. I’m glad to see another Houston criminal-defense lawyer jump into the practical blawgosphere (even if he isn’t a member of HCCLA . . . hint, hint), and Cole’s blog isn’t blatant “I’m great! hire me!” marketing, but so far it’s heavy on explications of Texas law and “what to do if you’re arrested for DWI.”

This is probably good for search engine optimization, but it gets old fast—to read, at least, and I’ll bet to write.

But welcome, Cole. I don’t think I know you (maybe because you aren’t a member of HCCLA . . .) but I’ve added you to the blawgroll, and hope you can stick around. Join the conversation!

(Update: I found Cole’s blog because someone came here from his blogroll; there’s a lot he’s doing right.)

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  1. Mr. Bennett,

    Thank you for the introduction and more importantly for added me to the blogroll. I feel honored. I am a young defense attorney, and I have followed your blog for a long time and enjoyed reading it very much. So I thought what the hell, why not join the conversation. I hope my blawg is like a fine wine…in that it gets better with time. BTW…I am in the process of joining the HCCLA!

  2. Mark,

    Also, I will be sure to introduce myself the next time I get the pleasure of seeing you in the courthouse.

  3. Cole,

    Welcome to the blawg world. Write about what moves you and you’ll be fine. I’m on a two week blawg hiatus to gather more inspiration and do some actual work. But don’t let your blog become work, or you’ll quit.

    We can’t all be Defending People, but there is plenty of room on the internet for a fresh voice on criminal defense.


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