Criminal Practice: The Treadmill

I charge bigger fees . . . so I can take fewer cases . . . so I can give each case more attention . . . so I can get better results . . . so I can charge bigger fees . . . so I can take fewer cases . . .

I charge smaller fees . . . so I have to take more cases . . . so I have to give each case less attention . . . so I get worse results . . . so I have to charge smaller fees . . .

Criminal defense lawyers: which gerbil wheel would you rather be on?

(Inspired by this PSA from our collective memory:)

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  1. So true… I explain this to many potential clients who ask, but XXX says he’ll take $50 down to handle the case! Yes, and that attorney will spend time chasing you for money instead of working on your case. I’ll leave the part about the video alone. . . .

  2. And so I chose the neurosurgeon with the lowest estimate. He says he can take care of my brain tumor and have me up and running like new in a week! His office is right next to Earl Scheib’s body shop too – I even get a discount if I bring in referrals…..

    Although you certainly don’t always get what you pay for, you can rest assured that you will rarely ever get what you do not pay for.

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