Everything Old is New Again

Austin criminal-defense lawyer Jamie Spencer talked to a parent whose son’s DWI lawyer promised, at the first meeting, a 99% chance of getting the case dismissed. I guess that’s a problem we should expect to come up over and over again.

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  1. Tell them to get it in writing & push for 100% in exchange for a promise of 1 million. The only guarantee a lawyer can rightfully make is that s/he will do her/his best on behalf of the client. Anything else is a false promise or lie. (I’m sick of these lawyers who make such promises. People – don’t buy into it. You won’t find the good lawyers making these empty promises that’s for certain.)

  2. I’m not excusing the lawyer by any means, but part of my point is that I am at least midly annoyed at the client/client’s mama for falling for this garbage in the first place. Yes, we are all probably biased to hear what we want to hear, but give me a break.

  3. I think what Lawrence is trying to say is that 90% of lawyers give the other 10% a bad name.

    I agree with Jamie: Caveat Emptor applies as much (more?) to the purchasing of legal services as to anything else.

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