Why Federal Court is No Place for Amateurs

If I were to pick one U.S. District Judge from the Southern District of Texas before whom one should not appear pro se, it would be David Hittner:

(I’m guessing Judge Hittner wants to get the parties before him to see if the plaintiff can control his temper better in person.)

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  1. You have been remiss in your duty. There is no followup as to what happened on 10/22.I see mini-series all over this.

  2. There’s nothing more enjoyable than an even judicial temperament in a judge with life tenure. It leaves the public with a true sense of the blessings of our system of justice.

  3. Clearly the judge was a jerk. I’m not saying that the plaintiff isnt a jerk, but it’s the judge’s duty to enforce the law.

  4. When a prose plaintiff kicks a judges ass in a circuit appeals court it is way past time for the plainly incompetent judge to be looking for some other line of work.

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