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In this morning’s Houston Chronicle, criminal-defense lawyer (and HCCLA ex-president, and former U.S. Navy officer) Pat McCann asks, Since When are Americans Afraid of Trials?

Those who are caught in the act of a crime or afterward and can be prosecuted in our justice system, however, should be prosecuted. There is no simpler way to reveal these people for what they truly are, and no better way to show the world who we are. That is how the battle gets won, not by hysterical fear of a trial, nor by making these men out to be somehow too powerful for our system to deal with. They are not. It actually helps them to think our politicians and pundits are pandering to panic and fear when they read that they are too dangerous to hold in the United States. They do not deserve such mythic status, and our cowering pundits and public figures should not give it to them.

(Most of the comments are the usual anonymous ignorant “this is war, they are enemy combatants, the Constitution is not a suicide pact, and furthermore yer a damn liberal” ranting.)


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  1. Regardless, the defendants will NOT receive a fair trial. Whether by Jury or Tribunal. There is going to be either exculpatory information or mitigating material hidden as an Official Secret and shielded under the rubric National Security.
    Talk to the Lawyers who defended the accused OK city bombers-the Government hid any possible chance to find links to other actors or an alleged mastermind.

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