Two New Blogs

Two blogs recently added to the blogroll:

Liberty and Justice for Y’all—Texas criminal law mostly-anonymous (except for front man B.W. Barnett) group blog. They are writing for a Texas-criminal-law-savvy audience so far, but they’re just getting warmed up.

Trial Theory—Trial practice group blog. TLC grads Bobby Frederick (of the South Carolina Criminal Defense Blog), Paul J. Smith (of the Life and Times of a Texas Country Trial Lawyer Blog), Karl Dickhaus (get Karl to tell you about his last two years), and apparently six or seven others.

Check them out and give them some comment love.

Jamie Spencer (of the Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer Blog) is also starting a group blog, Affirmative Links; with posts like January’s riveting “Hello world!” and last month’s compelling “Here is a second test post,” it’s a real page-turner.

(Greenfield asks “why Texas seems to remain that place where criminal law blawgs flourish, far more so than anywhere else in the country.  More executions, more blawgs?  More craziness, more blawgs?  You would think that Maricopa County would have more blawgs per capita than anywhere else, if that was the case.”)

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  1. Crap. If I’d known you were so fond of those posts I wouldn’t have deleted them. It took me about 2 weeks per to write them, and I’m not sure I have the gumption to redo the effort.

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