Judge Susan Brown: Praise the Lord and Bring Your Toothbrush [Updated]

Last week Houston judge Susan Brown jailed a woman for thanking God for her husband’s acquittal (Rick Casey, Chronicle).

“It wasn’t an angry thing,” she said of the wife’s outburst. “Every black preacher teaches us to thank the Lord.”

Um, okay, that justifies 36 hours in jail? [Update: According to criminal-defense lawyer Vivian King, who is running as a Democrat for the bench that Brown holds at the moment, those quotes are hers. I hadn’t noticed Casey switching subjects mid-paragraph.]

Brown, running for reelection, is clearly willing to throw over the God vote in favor of the authoritah vote.

3 responses to “Judge Susan Brown: Praise the Lord and Bring Your Toothbrush [Updated]”

  1. judges,attorneys,politicians MUST REALIZE that their degree does not make them prevy or above anyone . secondly being in the legal or political arena does not intimidate everyone, for IF I dont agree with some lobbied, corporate motivated law that is ones personal decision (such as the seatbelt) I wont complied, and fines, fees, confinement wont change that. we are all JUST people and the SOONER those that feel they have jobs of authority over the masses (where by the way, none of ask to be born, so no one owns or control anyone) think twice before you take these jobs! I dont want to give the wrong impression, whilst I am very upset with the properganda B.S. of government, (and i might add, i’ve been this way since i was in the seven grade or 13 yrs. or which ever comes first) no one OWES OR OWNS no one! george carlin says it best in his last concert in sacramento i believe in 2008, man did he hit nail on the head….

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