. . . and, Erica, You’re No Larry Joe

Today's Houston Chronicle has an interview with Erica Rose, a Houston socialite who is going to law school (she's a 3L at my alma mater, University of Houston) to advance her career in reality TV. (I'll link to it when a link is available.)

The last line of the article:

Q: What's next for you?

A: After graduating from law school, I plan to pursue a career in entertainment law. I'd love to have my own show like Judge Judy.

reminded me of Julie Brown's "'Cause I'm a Blonde" (it may be painful, but wait for the payoff at 2:03). Please tell me that Ms. Rose doesn't think "entertainment law" means "law for entertainment purposes."

It's unfortunate that, now that Chuck Rosenthal is gone, socialites in law school can't count on getting jobs at the Harris County DA's Office that would lead to jobs as real judges.

The funny part? Ms. Rose's aspirations are more realistic than probably 90% of her classmates'.

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  1. Especially considering that before her tv show, Judge Judy was a rather well-respected judge in New York, as well as doing some pretty significant family law work. You gotta pay your dues same as everyone else. Too many law students don’t seem to realize that, and just assume they’ll be given awesome jobs right out of school as a reward for getting a JD. I always cringe when I hear my classmates whining about how they might have to take a job that ONLY pays $50k a year. Ugh. That said, it’s nice to know that I (likely) won’t have to compete with her for Houston jobs in a couple of months.

    /baylor 3L

  2. What with Star Jones (I did not know that!), Larry Joe Doherty, and now Erica Rose, UHLC is emerging as a world leader in the field of Entertaining Law.

    US News, here we come!

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