Mark’s Typical Trial Schedule

(In lieu of the more complete trial journal that I should have been keeping for the last eight weekdays.)

0530: Get up. Prepare for trial.

0620: Breakfast, shower, shave, get dressed, etc.

0725: Leave for courthouse.

0800: Arrive in courtroom. Meditate.

0830: Trial begins.

0930: 1-hour break for court to handle court business. Small snack—half an energy bar and some water.

1030 Trial resumes.

1130 2-hour break for lunch. Lunch at a nearby restaurant (El Rey, Cava Bistro), or an energy bar and some water, depending on how intense the postprandial trial proceedings look.

1330 Trial resumes.

1530 Short break. Small snack.

1700 Trial ends for the day. Go home.

1730 Dinner, family time, read to kids, return business phone calls and emails.

2000 Prepare for tomorrow's trial.

2230 Go to bed.

0230 Wake up spontaneously. Prepare for trial.

0330 Return to bed.

Repeat from beginning.

10 responses to “Mark’s Typical Trial Schedule”

    • Well, sure. Gotta get some sleep, or I’m worthless the next day. I think my brain has the appropriate balance of sleep and preparation pretty well figured out.

        • Ha. I always tell myself on the eve of trial that I will get to bed early (11pm or so), so that I can be well-rested for voir dire. Inevitably, I lay in bed wide-eyed until 1:30 am, when I finally give up and go back to the laptop to jot down ideas for cross, issues for voir dire, etc.

          Speaking of energy bars, I got the idea to carry those in my bag during trial from this blog. Last trial I had, I walked back into court after a break to catch opposing counsel (an older lady) eating one of the bars out of my bag! I didn’t say anything, but couldn’t believe it.

          After the trial, the judge called me up to the bench and told me that opposing counseling was rifling through my bag during the break and took something out of it. Unbelievable.

  1. post prandial proceedings- is that how bad you were f***** or how bad you f*****someone else? schedule is, quite frankly, too familiar to be funny- I do the energy bar as well- no mexican or eyetalian or I’m on the nod int the afternoon- you left out shouting at the radio out of frustration in traffic

  2. OK, I’ll admit it – I didn’t know what the word meant but thanks to the all powerful Wick-lip. I can now say: OK members of the jury, postprandial proceedings at Treebeards, we’ll see you back here for closing arguments.

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