Something We Learned at City Hall

Yesterday when HCCLA went to Houston’s City Hall, we learned (because the Mayor told us) that the City of Houston is working on separating the crime lab from the Houston Police Department.

This was a surprise to me; it’s excellent news.

3 responses to “Something We Learned at City Hall”

  1. Good for your mayor and good for Houston. D.C. is also building a new crime lab but it looks like it will continue to be part of the police department.

    Nobody has liked my idea of naming the lab after Donald E. Gates, a man who spent 28 years in prison based on the false testimony of an FBI analyst. The FBI was aware that there were problems with the testimony 13 years before Gates’ lawyers were notified.

    Gates was finally released last December. He had not a single unkind word to say about anybody.

  2. Of course he didn’t have an unkind word to say about anyone. Anyone that managed to be released from the Gulags probably kept their mouth shut too, lest the jackboots come through the door a second time. 28 years would teach me to shut up, real good.

    Now, if it was proven that the FBI analyst lied, did he get to serve an appropriate amount of time?

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