“Years of Trial Experience”

Divorce lawyer John Clinton, running for criminal court judge, seems to be saying that when he was a Houston police officer he “amassed years of trial experience.”


(Full video here.)

This could be true only in the sense in which a career criminal has amassed years of policing experience. Maybe Clinton spoke awkwardly, and meant to convey that as a lawyer he had amassed years of trial experience. That could be literally true: “years of trial experience” might mean one uncontested divorce (an uncontested divorce prove-up is, technically, a “trial”) in 1997, and another in 1998. But the literal truth can be deceptive: divorces, car crashes, and slip-and-falls (which Clinton also handles) rarely end in jury trials, and even when they do, they are a far cry from anything that happens in the criminal courthouse. District clerk’s records show that Clinton has only handled one criminal case in Harris County, and he didn’t try that one. (Note to clients: Clinton does, however, have a perfect record; every criminal case he ever took got dismissed.)

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  1. Geeeez… I should run for the Mayor’s office. The only trial I ever served in resulted in indictments …mine. Am I qualified?? Does the job pay well?? If so, I’ll take it! 🙂 Ric

  2. Mr. B., a while back you alerted us to the “new” Harris County District clerk’s website where one can view an attorney’s statistics regarding any/all cases and motions filed. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this gold mine of info. with us, for without it, I’d never known that the attorney representing me in a felony trial was and still is a Divorce & Estate specialist. Which may explain why he tapped out at lunch recess, and why none of the six (6) motions in the certified ‘entire’ case file are listed, and why the Orders are not filled in, and signed (declined and/or approved) by the judge.

    Request for info. regarding the two (2) State’s Exhibits docs. in my certified case file that are dated seven (7) years apart, resulted in my receiving a letter of recommendation for a Full Pardon – for innocence (“based on the facts in the case.”) The doc. dated 1984 is handwritten with #2 being a .38 cal. Rohm with a 6 (six) inch barrel with no file date stamp. The doc. dated 1991 is typed up with #2 being a Photo of Gun and #2A being an evidence envelope with a file date stamp. The Court Reporter’s notes indicate that this ‘MYSTERY GUN’ was “checked out” by another Court Reporter prior to being placed on the table before the jury. There are “no records available” “no chain of custody” showing where it was checked out from, where it was stored at, and/or the method and location of its destruction, despite the Exhibit clerk replying that she personally destroyed it in 95.

    H. C. Adult Probation has no records of me being in possession of and/or being in connection to any case(s) involving a firearm while on probation. The DPS has no records either. On page 2.003 of the HPD Incident Report, the crime victim described a gunman with straight black hair & no mustache using a .22 or .25 cal. revolver with a two (2) inch barrel and an accomplish having black skin & black hair. My D. L. indicates that I had white skin, light brown wavy hair, and a mustache. The person test driving my dad’s vehicle had white skin and blonde curly hair.

    Enter J. W. Clinton Emp# 055725 (HPD pg. 2.007) – shown running the (back) line-up procedure where the victim positively identifies me as the gunman. (HPD Pg. 2.009), – Sgt. Clinton talked with complainant again and talked with him about the case. “In the report the suspects had black hair.” The complainant stated that, “the #1 suspect had brown hair, straight and med. long. The #2 suspect, the taller had blond wavy hair.” Sgts. talked with the DA’s in Intake and charges expected.

    He rightfully confronted the victim about his descrepentcies but there is no excuse for allowing him to change his description(s) and for seeking charges with that info. (See descriptions again above) Regarding the ‘MYSTERY GUN” – Mr. Clinton, *where did it come from, *where did the court reporter check it out from, *where was it stored at from 84 to 95, *what was the method of destruction and the location, *and destroyed by whom? Mr. B., I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be able to confront the very person shown to have knowingly and willingly participate with the D. A’s Office in obtaining a bogus indictment and wrongful conviction. Thanks.

    • Can you please share with us again (as I obviously missed it) the information which Mr. Griffith refers to regarding how to look up attorney statistics on the county clerk website? Thank you.

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