2010 Judicial Endorsements

Most of this year’s Harris County judicial elections are worthy of little more than a shrug.

I had a sorely disillusioning experience trying a case for almost two weeks before former criminal-defense lawyer Ruben Guerrero, who a) is sorely deficient in judicial temperament and knowledge; b) even the jurors could tell was biased toward the State; and c) was elected because of the Democratic near-sweep in 2008.

I hunch that Tom Berg, Brandon Dudley, and Alvin Nunnery will, given the opportunity, be outstanding judges. And some of the incumbents are poor enough judges that it’s really hard to imagine their challengers being anything but an improvement; I may give those incumbents whatever the opposite of an endorsement is. But after my experience with Guerrero, I’m not endorsing anyone who has not already proven herself an excellent judge.

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  1. Guerrero has not changed spots. He was the same way when he was judge back when. As far as voting, I plan to vote for a number of incumbents – a few because I think they are good judges or my experiences with them have all been good despite the complaints of others but others because the choice offered by the Democratic party is no choice. Civil lawyer, unknowns, and worse.

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