I Swear Loyalty to the Flag . . .

Lawyer Danny Lampley got himself jailed by Judge Talmadge Littlejohn for not saying the Pledge of Allegiance in a Mississippi courtroom (NMissCommentor via The Agitator).

There, but for an accident of geography, go I—I’ve shared my feelings about loyalty oaths before.

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  1. Follow Mark’s link. It could happen here as well. We had a Judge that required the pledge here once upon a time- We all showed up to Lon’s court after docket call.

  2. Swear not at all: ‘Let Your Yea Be Yea; and Your Nay, Nay.’ Matthew 5:33. Christians shouldn’t have to swear Oaths at all.

    That said I’ve only had to swear an Oath once in my life – when I called – to HM.

    But even those of a republican bent could get their head round that. The point is that when my Queen swore her Coronation Oath it was to the Rule of Law – Magna Carta, Common Law, etc – contracting to govern us according to law, with justice in mercy to be used in all her judgements. So, your Oath is to the Rule of Law.

    Which means that your Oath is surely contingent on your Ruler (the shit politicians in charge) acting in accordance with the Rule of Law. Mercifully, my/your Rulers are not the final arbiters of what that means.

    Ultimately, it’s all rather nebulous – so there’s no risk of selling out.

  3. I’ve always said that if I have to ever swear on the Bible in a courtroom, ever again, I will ask the Bailiff to place the backside of it to me to swear on. You know, the New Testament side, with the redemption and mercy bits in it. 🙂 Ric

  4. Besides the brainwash years of elementary education. I have swore an oath to the country and the flag twice in my life. First was my enlistment in the late 80’s second was to receive my commission in the late 90’s. Both times I freely stated my allegiance to this nation because I believed in it.

    Today, I would neither swear an allegiance nor would I defend this nation again. it isn’t the nation I was raised to believe in.

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