What’s another word for unquestioning compliance? Submission.

And what’s the Arabic word for submission? Islam.

Islam is about submission to the will of God, but Islamic fundamentalists want people to submit to what they say is the will of God. So—assuming that they are no more inerrant than the rest of us—what they want is unquestioning compliance with them.

So in a way, when you think about it, these guys want the same thing from us:

Mullah OmarTSA Chief John Pistole

5 responses to “Submit!”

  1. But isn’t fundamental christian beliefs exactly the same way? Submission to their way of doing things?

    No Condoms, No Birth Control, No Same sex relations, No mixing of ethnically different people, No drinking/working/thinking/standing upright on Sunday?

    Honestly, all fundamentalist religions have this similarity. Look at the Mormon Church, The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints, Judaism, Hinduism .. All have the same fundamentalist message. Submit yourself to OUR controls if you want to be ‘saved’/move on to eh next level/ replenish the well/ etc.

    Religion has always been about Control. Since the first established voodoo ritual, it has always been about controlling the ones that follow your religion, nothing of faith or betterment, only about getting others to do as you say. That and Southern Baptists like large Cadillacs..

    • Sure, Glenn. In fact, some of what fundamentalist Islam finds objectionable about America (our corrupt hypersexualized culture), fundamentalist Christianity finds objectionable as well. If fundamentalist Christians felt as disenfranchised as fundamentalist Muslims, they might be committing acts of terrorism as well.

      Oh, wait. They are.

  2. Congrats to Mark and Glenn G for pointing out the similarities between fundamentalist christians and islam. Do any non-Muslim countries in this world regulate alcohol as heavily as America does? I don’t think so. Maybe if muslims and christians knew just how much they had in common they would stop trying to kill each other.

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