Tom DeLay, Convicted Felon

Tom DeLay has been convicted of Money Laundering and Conspiracy to Commit Money Laundering.

He’ll be going to the court for punishment; range is 2-20 on the conspiray and 5-life on the substantive offense. I think probation’s a safe bet.

4 responses to “Tom DeLay, Convicted Felon”

  1. I think he should get what any common numbers runner or knee breaker from the hood would get. 5 years would be enough to get the message through to the rest of the politicians that claim to be the mouthpieces of polite society while robbing folks blind. The judge would be ~weak~ if he didn’t toss at least several chapters of the book at him, if not the entire book. Yup, I said that.

    Tom, if you’re reading this, you should have instructed the bailiff to turn the Bible over, at swearing in, to swear on the Goodness and Mercy side. Ric

  2. Sorry, but if a person running a Ponzi scheme can get 30 years, Delay needs at least that. Probation only says to politicians oh look, violate the trust of the people, run the country as your own playground, and still get away with it. he needs hard time. Lots of years, big boyfriends, and a knack for dropping soap in his future before I would be satisfied that justice prevailed.

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