Defense Experts in State v. Green

Here is a list of the expert and other opinion witnesses the defense intends to present in the hearing, beginning Monday, on the constitutionality under the Eighth Amendment of Texas’s death penalty procedure:
State v. Green Hearing Expert Testimony

Gerry Goldstein (who says that the criminal defense lawyer in a death penalty case has to be like a cockroach—”all over the government’s shit”) and Barry Scheck will be presenting Wednesday’s and Thursday’s testimony (respectively? I don’t know).

Here are précis of the witnesses’ qualifications, as well as their billing rates and amounts of time they’ve spent on the case:
State v. Green Death Penalty Procedure Constitutionality Hearing Expert Bios

(I wonder if I can get the State Bar to approve CLE credit.)

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  1. I’m pretty excited for this and shocked that the state didn’t find some way to stop it. In fact, I had figured that if they couldn’t do it otherwise, they might just drop death rather than let this evidentiary hearing happen.

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