Fun With Stats, and Sex-Offender Registration All Around

A Google Mobile search for

turns up my post on Texas’s non-sex sex-offender-registration offenses as the second result. This may make perfect sense to you, buy I am, quite frankly, baffled. I mean,

sure, but

On the topic of non-sex sex-offender-registration offenses, Texas has a stupid rule, but Wisconsin is the state that I know of that has been stupid enough to actually make someone register as a sex offender for committing an unambiguously non-sexual crime. Between this and Kenneth Kratz, Wisconsin seems intent on proving that a state doesn’t have to be south of the Mason-Dixon line to be a repressive inbred third-world backwater.

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  1. In fact, Ohio law used to do that, too. Then, one of the intermediate courts of appeals said that was stupid and reversed. So the legislature promptly created the category of child oriented offenders (and child predators, and now child Tiers I, II, and III under Adam Walsh) in the effort to adopt No Felon Left Behind.

    Then again, Ohio strives to have the worst criminal justice system north of the Mason-Dixon Line. It may not be there just yet, but it’s working on it.

  2. But But But.. Mark, we NEED these laws, how else do politicians get re-elected?

    Seriously, though, the machine has begun to breath on its own, and unless the politico continues to feed it whom-else would they put on it. They have already been proven wrong on re-offense stats, and they sold the sheep the entire bill of goods regarding the ‘need’ for the registry. If they stop now, how else are they going to show the voting populous they’ve made a ‘positive’ impact?

    Sure, the registry has a purpose. However, the purpose was originally to watch those 5% of the RSO population that actually re-offend, now it has ballooned into something that costs the taxpayers millions a year with no tangible return.

    On the surface, the lies of protect the children seems righteous enough, it isn’t until someone takes the time to peel back the layers and see all of the 1 timers on the list, as well as the pee on the curb guys that the numbers do not add up. But as an easy whipping post, who would turn away from it?

  3. Mark, it’s probably my fault. The NSA keeps an eye on my postings, figuring I’m some sort of Double-Naught-Spy / registered-offender / menace to polite society. When I hit return on this, the klaxons at NSA wail, guard dogs set loose and the black copters fill the skies.
    Sorry, Ric

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