Texas Legislator Against Theocracy

Mimicking proposed legislation in several other states, Rep. Leo Berman (R-Tyler) suggested a constitutional amendment prohibiting Texas courts from enforcing, considering or applying religious or cultural law.

As a bulwark against Christian fundamentalist theocracy (which is, let’s face it, the only kind of theocracy we could possibly slip into), it’s a good start. It’ll also keep those pesky Ten Commandments out of the courtroom. But, Rep. Berman, are you sure you cleared this with David Barton first?


6 responses to “Texas Legislator Against Theocracy”

  1. Hey, that means no more debates about not only the Ten Commandments in courtrooms, but also no school prayer, no Nativity scenes or creches on the public square, churches pay taxes (maybe?) on profits and property, and a lot more “stuff” that seems to keep everyone’s minds off the economy, unemployment, and the administration of justice.

  2. David,

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging the freedom of speech,…”

    This proposed amendment does not violate the first amendment for how the proposal reads. Basically from the read it says that we will not discuss it either way, neither for it or against it. I like th idea personally. I would like to get an almighty out of my bedroom AND out of the legal arena. I don’t see this proposed bill as establishing a religion, nor denying it in society. It states that the courts are out of the opinion process.

    We realize ofcourse this is to stop the courts from allowing ‘other’ religious laws to be brought into a court case, however it will fit very nicely if someone wants to start speaking to snakes, marrying a cousin in Sanger, or mandating some other voodoo in a Texas Classroom.

  3. I guess that would prevent the Defense from secretly using a chicken foot in the courtroom. I use one to make minor repairs to my computer, and am the creator/founder of “Computer Chicken Foot Voodoo”, which has made me famous amongst the nerds.

    I never considered using one in court, until Rep Berman made this proposed piece of legislation. Just send $20 …no, since you all are lawyers, I’ll make up a special courtroom edition chicken foot that will only cost $50. Cash, please. I like it as much as you all do. 🙂 Ric

    • You get 1 free hearty chuckle from me on this one. IANAL, but I will gladly purchase one of the special courtroom chicken feet for $50, but only if I get two for the price, and you throw in a slap-chop at no additional charge (I will pay separate processing and shipping).

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