Compendium of Rakofsky (and Borzouye) v. Internet Blog Posts

For your enlightenment and amusement:

(More as I find them, or in the pingbacks.)

  1. How Young Lawyers Should NOT Conduct Themselves Online « An …
  2. Feeling Left Out – The Criminal Lawyer – Commentary on Law and Policy
  3. Simple Justice: Rakofsky v. Internet*
  4. MyShingle's Been Sued in Rakofsky v. – My Shingle
  5. This Is Not A Post About Joseph Rakofsky « Work Product
  6. Resuscitating the Joseph Rakofsky Fiasco | Koehler Law
  7. The Rakofsky 74 « Military Underdog
  8. Infamy or Praise: TGIS: Thank God It's Schadenfreude! (319)
  9. Source 4 Politics: "Incompetent" Rakofsky Sues Everyone for Defamation
  10. Rive Gauche: Chef Charon at The Staterooms… eating Boeuf Buggerorf …
  11. South Florida Lawyers: SFL Friday — I Like Exactly HALF This Picture!
  12. To My Fellow “ Rakofsky 74'ers”: I Salute You « THE TRIAL WARRIOR BLOG
  13. Rakofsky Tries to Muzzle the Blawgosphere – Avvo Blog
  14. My Law License: Joseph Rakofsky's Second Futile Race To The Courthouse
  15. Digging Deeper and Deeper – & Trivial Update
  16. The Rakofsky Standard | David Sugerman
  17. From the Complaints Desk [For Those About to Rakofsky (We Salute You)]
  18. Defending People » The Rakofsky v. Internet Lawsuit(s)
  19. Attorney Credits Legal Blog
  20. Simple Justice: Rakofsky v. Internet, Part Deux (A Juror Verdict)
  21. Al Gore to Intervene in Rakofsky v. Internet Case
  22. The Rakofsky Strikes Back …
  23. Scumbag Lawyers v. Me (and the Rest of the Internet) (with video)
  24. 10999
  25. Please Don't Say Mean Things About Me! | THE CUBAN REVOLUTION
  26. bummed « Capital Defense Weekly
  27. Restoring Dignity to the Law: An Open Letter to Joseph Rakofsky Re …
  28. An Open Letter to Joseph Rakofsky Re: Rakofsky v. the Internet
  29. The Silence Of The Lambs
  30. Judge Allows Green Lawyer to Withdraw In the Middle of Murder …
  31. Making a Mockery – The Criminal Lawyer – Commentary on Law and Policy
  32. Joseph Rakofsky: Both an Idiot and a Symptom
  33. The Streisand Effect, or: What Joseph Rakofsky's Been Up To Lately …
  34. The Rakofsky Effect
  35. Not Guilty: Chiming In
  36. The Rakofsky [x + 1 ]
  37. Rakofsky v. Internet And A Dose Of IIED
  38. Rakofsky Against the Internet: The Movie
  39. Legal rebuttal: "vade et caca in pilleum et ipse traheatur super aures tuo" (BoingBoing)
  41. Attorney sues many legal bloggers, ABA, Washington Post…
  42. Rakofsky Bad. Defendant Lawyers, 4th Estate & 1st Amendment Good. »
  43. Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet Week 2 »
  44. Rakofsky Against the Internet, Trailer 2
  45. Standing With My Fellow Legal Bloggers Against an Attempt to Chill Speech
  46. Rakofsky suing the internet: Career suicide
  47. Railing Against Rakofsky | RHDefense: The Law Office of Rick Horowitz
  48. Why have not more lawyer bloggers commented on the Rakosfy debacle? | Between a Laugh and a Tear
  49. Blawg Review #310 « Siouxsie Law
  50. (For lulz, and against my better judgment but nofollowed) Attorney's Procedure Results in Mistrial | Palmieri Law – Attorney …
  51. Techdirt:Recent Law School Grad Gets Berated By Judge, Then Sues Nearly Everyone Who Discussed The Case
  52. A Georgia Lawyer: Rakofsky v. The Internet?
  53. Tweet Your Way To $$$!!! « An Associate's Mind
  54. My Law License: Meet Richard Borzouye, of Hartt Borzouye? Joseph …
  55. Rakofsky versus the Internet – Anna Raccoon
  56. Jospeh Rakofsky , Through Richard Borzouye, Sues The Internet For …
  57. New Business Plan | People v. State
  58. off-topic: not everything on the net is necessarily true, not …
  59. Law is funny, innit? « Amicae Curiae
  60. A Georgia Lawyer: Rakofsky v. The Internet?
  61. A Lack of Mentoring, or Lack of Awareness? – Avvo Blog
  62. Bayou Renaissance Man: An acute case of dontopedalogy!
  63. My Law License: The Oprah Effect: It Wasn't Joseph Rakofsky's Fault
  64. Hey, Who Would Win If Superman, Batman, And Spiderman Fought Ziggy …
  65. Rakofsky v. Internet (First Motion) – New York Personal Injury Law …
  66. Crime & Federalism: A Trial Court Weighs in on Joseph Rakofsky's …
  67. The Rakofsky Transcript: Cost = $1400; Value = Priceless « THE …
  68. Declarations and Exclusions: Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet …
  69. My Law License: Rakofsky v. Internet, The Defense Responds
  70. Defending People » Was Joseph Rakofsky Ineffective?
  71. Did Richard Borzouye and Joseph Rakofsky Commit Fraud in a Court Filing?
  72. Today's major LOL brought to you by the epic story of a lawyer suing the Internets
  73. Practice Tips, Courtesy of Rakofsky v. The Internet – – My Shingle
  74. Rakofsky (First Motion to Dismiss) – New York Personal Injury Law Blog
  75. Oh my goodness, we've allegedly been sued!
  76. Slashdot: The Ongoing Case of Rakofsky vs. Internet
  77. Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet Week 5 »
  78. Crime & Federalism: Richard Borzouye is an Incompetent Lawyer
  79. Day 27: L’Affair Rakofsky
  80. Rakofsky (Motions to Dismiss by Seddiq and Koehler) – New York …
  81. The Atlantic Wire: Meet the Lawyer Who Sued the Internet
  82. The SLAPP-Happy Story of Rakofsky v. Internet
  83. Citizen Media Law Project: Rakofsky v. Internet
  84. A Georgia Lawyer: Friday's Distraction: Rakofsky vs. the Internet
  85. I’m Hiring This Lawyer To Handle All My…
  86. Rakofsky v. The Washington Post: Being on the Other End of the … [Warning: privilege waiver.]
  87. Joseph Rakofsky Continues SLAPP Suit, Richard Borzouye Retreats …
  88. Recovering Lawyer: The Rakofsky Matter
  89. Crime and Federalism: Richard Borzouye Abandons His Clients
  90. Rakofsky Motion #7 – Doudna Moves to Dismiss and for Sanctions …
  91. Crime & Federalism: Rakofsky Tries Settling Frivolous Lawsuit for …
  92. Infamy or Praise: A Round Tuit (60)
  93. Did I ever mention I've been sued?
  94. Did Rakofsky go looking for a new lawyer on Craigslist? | Absurd …
  95. Simple Justice: Doudna Takes a Magic Bullet
  96. Crime and Federalism: Has Joseph Rakofsky Become a Self-Parody?
  97. Declarations and Exclusions: Weekend Update: Rakofsky v. Internet …
  98. ten things I'll never do when I'm a lawyer | law school ninja
  99. Dan Hull: Beta of the Month | Crime and Federalism
  100. This week in unusual litigation (R v. I update)
  101. An essential read on social networking for lawyers [Somewhat drecksome.]

19 responses to “Compendium of Rakofsky (and Borzouye) v. Internet Blog Posts”

  1. Truly, some of the funniest stuff I have read. Who says Attorneys are dry and without humor!

    PS, please don’t sue me…

  2. […] This is America in 2011, so naturally Rakofsky found an even worse lawyer and proceeded to sue as much of the internet as humanly possible for defamation. Rakofsky’s story is that, yes, the judge gratuitously and slanderously criticized his abilities, but that had nothing to do with why there was a mistrial. Rakofsky turned to one Richard Borzouye, whose primary qualification appears to be the capacity to turn chicken shit into chicken salad. Richard Borzouye fights for justice, at least to the extent that justice is sought by people on Craigslist or The Pennysaver, and boasts of offices “just two blocks from Grounds [sic] Zero,” which is either a typo or the most crassly-named hipster coffee shop ever. Borzouye filed suit on behalf of Rakofsky against multiple news sites and law bloggers, alleging they had defamed him and crushed his spirit by commenting on the Deaner trial based on the Post’s description. When — as anyone with a room-temperature IQ would have predicted — bloggers commented on this SLAPP suit, Borzouye and Rakofsky amended their suit and added claims based on those new comments, as well as claims for intentional infliction of emotional distress and possibly of Emo Butthurt in the First Degree (I may be misremembering that part). The redoubtable Mark Bennett is keeping a compendium of lawblogger posts about the lawsuit. […]

  3. Thanks for this compendium, and for including our blog. This list, and the tale of Rakofsky, has made it down under! Thus illustrating the power of the Rakofsky Effect!

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