Carolyn Piphus is a Fool

(a)  A person commits an offense who, in a public place and with intent to cause public annoyance or alarm:

     (1)  Engages in fighting or in violent or threatening behavior;

     (2)  Refuses to obey an official order to disperse issued to maintain public safety in dangerous proximity to a fire, hazard or other emergency; or

     (3)  Creates a hazardous or physically offensive condition by any act that serves no legitimate purpose.

(b)  A person also violates this section who makes unreasonable noise that prevents others from carrying on lawful activities.

Tennessee Code 39-17-305.

Does this look like probable cause to you?:
Nashville Airport Arrest Affidavit

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  1. There are raging arguments going on all over the blabbosphere about this. I know I’ve been working overtime trying to correct the misapprehensions (and outright lies) of TSA apologists at many different sites.

    By the way, Mark, here are two Master Lists of TSA Abuses and Crimes that a colleague and I have compiled — and remember, these are only the accounts that have gotten a modicum of publicity over the past 18 months. Who knows how many other instances of assault have taken place that get related only to family and friends:

  2. Mr. B., after having major dental work I was prepared to be ‘fingered’ at the Airport because I didn’t want anymore X-Rays. Thinking that 30K plus feet would be plenty extra rays. No problem leaving Texas, but the minute I walked up to the bins to remove my shoes, the lil guy screening the bins yelled out from 20 feet, “Oh hell no, youz gonna havato throw that hat away before you getz any fudder.”

    NOTE: Georgians – don’t take kindly to dem frigin Mavericks hats. I replied that it was signed by Mark and they let me make it. Then boom – a burly bald headed dude that looked like the janitor appeared behind me and signaled for me to follow him. He walked backwards leading me to a booth & another janitor looking person told me to, “stand on the yellow feets and holeup your arms like the picture on the wall.” I said, “I just had dental work can you,,,.” & three janitors pointed and said, “Holeup you arms.”

    It was over before I could ask a complete question and now we’ll have to wait and see if I grow an extra nut. A Paralegal escorting me to G-Town, told me that she heard the lil guy tell the janitor types to “get that whiteboy right there.” PS – If I was any other color I’d be rich Bch & on CNN. Thanks.

    *Mark Cuban – you can have your hat back.

  3. Mr. B., “Ms. Abbot was loud in her speech and very belligerant therefore she was arrested for disorderly conduct.”

    Did you ever get a chance to read Mr. Greenfield’s S.J. Post regarding the outlawing of those pesky Belligerants? It’s obvious that Ms. Abbott didn’t. Thanks.

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