Disbar Nancy Grace for Being Repugnant? Are You High?

Nancy Grace is vile: to begin with. There is no doubt whatever about that.

Scott Greenfield thinks someone should do something about Nancy Grace, and that someone is the Georgia Bar:

But Nancy Grace’s refusal to adhere to the obligations of a lawyer is unethical.  She may not be stoppable on TV, where the demand for eyeballs consumes any interest in accuracy or ethics, but how is it that she still holds her ticket from Georgia?  How is it that the rules that apply to lawyers have no hold on Grace’s tongue?

What if Nancy Grace was constrained to air her views as a disbarred lawyer?  Would the big networks still give her the platform to spew on national television?

. . . . .

Even in Georgia, we are lawyers.  We need not continue to put our imprimatur of legitimacy on this woman who, more so than any other of recent vintage, has made America more ignorant about the law.  Or is the Georgia bar so enthralled with her drawl that they would never pull the ticket from their favorite daughter, exempt from the ethical obligations that apply to the rest of us?

I have been grieved (by Terry Fifer of R.W. Lynch) for opinions I’ve given on this blog. The grievance was dismissed, and I am glad that my opinions here are not grievable, even though I am a lawyer. The disciplinary rules apply to the things I do while lawyering; while I am a lawyer (as Nancy Grace may technically be a lawyer) nobody would confuse what I do on these pages (much less what Nancy Grace does on TV) as lawyering.

As I have been grieved, so have I been sued for opinions I’ve given on this blog. Greenfield and I stand shoulder to shoulder in that lawsuit; the law that protects me from being disciplined for my opinions also protects us there.

So when Greenfield proposes cutting down the law to get to Nancy Grace, I don’t think he means it; not really. We give Nancy Grace the benefit of the law, for our own safety’s sake.

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  1. Ah, but we can all enjoy thinking about her getting disbarred – or beaten about the head with wet noodles or something sinister. I cannot stand her. My father, before he died, hated her so much he watched her every day so he could complain about her. ; )

    She was interviewed on CNN about the “tot mom” case (as she called it) and said something the effect that since her fiance was murdered, she has made it her life’s work to make sure that justice is done. Yeah, okay. I would want her on my jury . . .

    Is there some rule that says that one cannot continue claim to be a lawyer when one is such an embarassment to justice? No, guess not or that would take out a large number of the idiots who passed the bar.

  2. I have a friend who used to practice in Ga. he said the defense attorneys complained constantly about her because she wore such seductive clothing it was hard to keep your mind on extraneous acts – she is mean and hateful- her face in a perpetual snarl- like some actress in a low budget S/M porno movie- she is disgraceful, and does not edify her viwers about the law-only hate and revenge and vindictiveness- she is a disgrace to our profession- but don’t complain too loudly- she revels in the calumny and it will only make her more intransigent and obnoxious than she already is

  3. Gerry Spence takes her to task in his book Bloodthirsty Bitches and Pious Pimps of Power. Seems she has a jaded disciplinary history already for doing things like (surprise!) withholding Brady evidence. She has also told some whoppers related to the murdered fiance. He really takes her apart. I highly recommend Mr. Spence’s book.

  4. I’m not a lawyer, but my understanding is that there’s an ethical standard that one must possess in order to become a member of the bar. I believe Stephen Glass has been refused admission to the bar because of the articles he fabricated. Nancy Grace’s fabrications are just as harmful, if not more harmful, so why should she be allowed to practice law, but not Stephen Glass? Or is Glass just looking in the wrong state and Georgia would be glad to admit him to the bar?

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