Still Crazy After All These Years

Good news: Lana Shadwick of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office’s Appellate Section, formerly of Fulbright & Jaworski (and a bunch of other places that have nothing to do with the trial of criminal cases), has decided to run for criminal court judge.

I heard the news that Shadwick would be running in the Republican primary against Kristin Guiney (who  outclasses Shadwick across the board, and who I think will likely make a terrific judge) I thought, “It’s Christmas in July!”

Why is it such good news? Not because Shadwick is even remotely qualified for the bench—she’s not—but because it will provide for highly entertaining blogging. You see, the name on the ballot will be Lana Shadwick, but she’ll always be The Lateral Hire to me.

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  1. Wasn’t she involved in something weird that involved her child getting special treatment and admission (or not) to River Oaks Elementary a while back? A long while back? Her name is very familiar to me for some reason.

    • “Lana’s class”? She came into a packed courtroom screeching about a prurient detail in a sex case allegedly involving a minor. I’m sad for you if that’s what passes for “class” in your circles.

      She also got the law wrong, by the way: I won.

      A Harris County prosecutor tells me, “She’s a moron. I’ve been with the office for 9 years and have no idea what she does. I do see her arrive to work at 9:15 on a daily basis…as I’m on my way to Court.”

      She’s self-aggrandizing, incompetent, and—as my Mississippi grandmother would have said—tacky.

      But at least she’s an involved mother.

      Kristin Guiney is the only viable candidate in this race. If I had to choose between Shadwick and the incumbent, I wouldn’t vote.

    • I agree. You should take that up with your friend with the prosecutorial pretensions.

      Me, I’ll keep telling the truth—pretty or ugly—for the good of the public, which doesn’t need any more abject losers like Shadwick on the bench.

      [Update 28 September 2011: I’m told that Mr. Kneer is Shadwick’s social-media expert.]

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