Harris County PD New Hires

Randy Martin
Eric Davis
Jacqueline Carpenter
Te’iva Bell
Craig Still
Cecelia Valentine
Jules Johnson
Roger Donley (Mental Health)
Tanya Terry

If you are one of those anti-PD people who questioned whether the PD’s Office would be able to attract any real trial talent, feel free to shut up now. Alex Bunin (and Mark Hochglaube, who I may have mentioned is the felony trial chief of the office) have done very well.

I hope that they will let Eric and Jackie keep blogging at Sustained!

8 responses to “Harris County PD New Hires”

  1. That’s great. Congrats to Alex for snagging such talent, and to Eric and Jackie on their new gig. Looks like Harris County has put together one great team.

    • Thank you for your support. We are both very excited and have already been quite welcomed even though we haven’t started yet.

  2. If Tanya Terry is the same one who worked in my office in Orlando, Harris County has just gotten a true kick ass attorney.

  3. I am a reformed anti-PD person. I agree that Alex has assembled quite the kick ass team (and Bynum).

    I was very wrong.

    And I think we can largely attribute that to Alex’s leadership. I think the new recruits are going to really like working for him.

  4. Of course, Eric and Jacquelyn can keep blogging. Yes, that is the same Tanya Terry of 100+ felony trials in Orlando. Craig will not be required to grow his hair long or make explosive devices.

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