California: The Vacuous State

Only in California, I suspect, would it be “unlikely” for a good lawyer who is not a media whore to be representing someone on trial for his livelihood, his freedom, and his future.

When asked, I did my best to explain that there is no positive correlation between being a high-profile criminal-defense lawyer and being an excellent criminal-defense lawyer. Indeed, there is often a negative correlation: our clients don’t benefit from publicity, so the lawyers who seek and get publicity are usually not acting in their clients’ best interest, and are therefore failing in their jobs. I failed in my explanation. Californians are too in-love with celebrity to admit that there is no correlation between celebrity and quality.

I would pick Ed Chernoff over any of “legal star[] who practice[s] cable punditry between celebrity cases.” Cable TV networks don’t know diddly-squat about what makes a good lawyer, and they care even less; celebrities who get in trouble care more, know less, and aren’t generally known for their smarts.

When you are in a bet-your-future fight, if you’re smart you don’t go to the tall buildings and hire a cable pundit. You go to the trenches and hire a trial lawyer like Ed.

3 responses to “California: The Vacuous State”

  1. Awww…Mark…why do you have to malign a state of over 37 million people because one LA Times staff writer refers to your buddy as a “no profile Houstonian”? It really is a surprise to hear such typically middle american hatred of california coming from a debonair individual like yourself.

  2. Well, if you’re a no-talent reality TV “star” who for some reason is famous, you probably like having your name all over the news, even if your name is all over the news because of a drunk driving arrest. Who cares about the consequences? You just want the media attention, so of COURSE you want a lawyer who will get your case even more press coverage. It makes perfect sense.

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