TSA Mission Creep

What does the transportation of oxycodone and cash have to do with transportation security?


Three Transportation Security Administration employees, a police officer and a state trooper were among 20 people arrested and accused of running an interstate prescription drug ring, officials said on Tuesday.

This case stands not only for the proposition that TSA employees are not incorruptible, and shouldn’t be trusted with our personal property (part of the problem, in case you’re interested, is that TSA doesn’t track who has searched which bag), much less our civil liberties, but also for the proposition that the TSA is a bureaucracy out of control, meddling in affairs unrelated to the reasons it was created.

It was necessary for the smugglers to bribe TSA agents to look the other way when they were transporting prescription pills and money (neither being contraband per se) because the TSA makes us less free in ways that don’t make us any safer.

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  1. Here is a fantastic blow-by-blow account from one of the women removed from a flight over the weekend. Shoshana Hebshi tells a story that should frighten us all. From being handcuffed and placed in a cell to having her cell phone texts examined, it sounds as though we’re some third world country under a dictatorship. Prepare for some very uncomfortable reading: http://obrag.org/?p=45253

  2. This is another example of TSA corruption and abuse. Instead of protecting the airways, these criminals resort to exploiting the system for their own benefit. This is worse than the situation that ultimately led to the 9/11 tragedy. The private screeners were handicapped by a lack of information from the FBI, but at least they weren’t criminals.

    Since December, there have now been fifty screeners arrested or convicted of crimes including rape, child molesting, theft, assault and drug trafficking. There is clearly a problem when an agency of 54,000 is on pace to have 70 employees arrested for work related crimes in a year. And these are just the ones that have been discovered, while countless others go undetected.

    TSA can’t prevent crime within their own ranks, why would anyone trust this agency with airport security? While airport security is vital, it is not without limits and the agency cannot be allowed to persist in this corrupt and arrogant behavior.

    TSA Crimes & Abuses

    The three people removed from the Detroit flight on Sunday, were detained 6 hours and strip searched. Welcome to the new America.

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