Too Honest to Be President

Ron Paul has got a “Rain Man” vibe—not that that is a bad thing. Watch how he presses on regardless of the boos when he challenges the conventional 9/11 story.

One response to “Too Honest to Be President”

  1. Ahhh… the Bible does mention that a prophet is not honoured in his hometown. I had to work like the dickens to get my right to vote back, here in Virginia. It took both Governor’s offices, Virginia and North Carolina, to clear up the “mistake”.

    I will not waste my right to vote. So far, Ron Paul is the only candidate that is making sense to me. But, I will remain open-minded right up to election day. It has taken me quite some tie to have my rights as a citizen restored. I had to assertively fight to regain them. When I lived in Texas, for 10 years, I was a registered Republican. Now, I’m somewhere left of Gandhi. Somewhere in the middle is the path of righteousness.

    But, I’d rather hear an inconvenient truth than a convenient lie, any day of the week. Ric

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